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Google Consolidating its Ad Revenue in Owned Properties

Google Consolidating its Ad Revenue in Owned Properties

Interesting piece on data released in Google’s recent filing showing ad revenue consolidation in its owned properties and a concentrated decline in its adnetwork revenue. is helping developers get a better revenue deal from their ad network integreations than available through Google.
Growth Stack 2016 – San Francisco

Growth Stack 2016 – San Francisco






Check out some of the stills our team took from a show filled with great speakers and relevant talks – Growth Stack 2016 San Francisco!













Video Trends 2017 – Tel Aviv

Video Trends 2017 – Tel Aviv

Checking out some if the panel insights from Video Trends conference held last week (Nov 15th) in Tel Aviv. now supports VAST and MP4 /Landing card video formats on all major connections (RTB, API).


Casual Connect 2016 – Tel Aviv

Casual Connect 2016 – Tel Aviv

Casual Connect 2016 – Tel Aviv. Check out some of our photo’s from this years marquee games event.

A big thank you to all our partners who came out to Israel and met with us. We hope you enjoyed the conference and the Tel Aviv food, weather and beach!

casual connect 2016 - Tel Aviv
This year was dominated by the major conference sponsor – Platika.

casual connect 2016 - Tel Aviv


casual connect 2016 - Tel Aviv
Boaz – Our VP Marketing !

casual connect 2016 - Tel Aviv

Free Candy Floss from the Tab Tale Booth!

casual connect 2016 - Tel Aviv


img_9624-3 Recognized as Top 10 Ad Adnetwork for Developer Monetization Recognized as Top 10 Ad Adnetwork for Developer Monetization

We’re very happy be recognized by Mobuzz as a Top 10 mobile ad network for developer monetization!

Mobuzz is a mobile marketing blog publishing news, interviews and content about the mobile advertising industry.

Check out the link below to learn more:

New York AdWeek 2016

New York AdWeek 2016

Team just getting back from a busy New York Adweek. Thanks to all our partners for taking the time out to meet. We had a blast!


Head on over to the adweek site for a full review of this years show which included a full day track on Programmatic video and also live performances from The Roots and Sting!



The Future of Gaming: GMASA Bangalore

The Future of Gaming: GMASA Bangalore will be heading down to India for The Future of Gaming: GMASA Bangalore. The annual conference will be happening at the Sheraton Hotel in Bangalore on the 6th and 7th of July 2016. Company CEO Stephen Caffrey will be sharing his thoughts as part of the GMASA Bangalore: Future of Gaming panel that seeks to make sense of the emerging trends from the mobile games industry.

Having previously developed a social slot machine game for Western game markets Stephen is well placed to offer insights into the challenges and opportunities this market holds.

The business team will be on hand to meet new and existing clients during the event, so don’t hesitate to be in touch!

GMIC Beijing 2016 : A Look Back

GMIC Beijing 2016 : A Look Back

Our friends at GMIC have built up a fantastic conference series around the world of which GMIC Beijing remains the jewel in the crown. The Beijing has come to represent the bridge between the online world in the East and West, facilitating business deals, investment opportunities and high level networking opportunities.

This year was invited to be guest moderator on the Mobile Marketing Panel. Stephen Caffrey ( CEO) shaped the panel around the sharing of insights into emerging marketing trends in the West, Western companies attempt to establish Chinese operations and challenges ahead for the market as a whole.



Meanwhile our business team, lead by Natalia Makselon-Sinuani, engaged with our existing app developer clients throughout Beijing, as well as meeting with new potential partners onsite at GMIC. Special mention to Hola and Baidu for the hospitality and Apus for putting on a great party!


GMIC Beijing hit PocketGamer Banglore 2016 ! hit PocketGamer Banglore 2016 !

It’s just over 2 weeks since we were in India for PocketGamer Bangalore 2016. This year it was bigger and better than ever. Top names from the local and international game developer scene were in attendance. CEO Stephen Caffrey delivered his presentation during the East Meets West track where he focused on providing game developers with pracitical insights for improving the revenue potential of their games through advertising.

The Mobile Monetization in India slides can be found here.

The game developer scene in India is still quite nascent. However, we’re super excited by the recent news that Google Play has started to tie up Indian carriers. This will go some way to solving the billing issue which has stifled developer growth in the country.

Click here to read the full article on Google’s move to improve billing solutions on Play.

Here’s to a big 2016 for the Indian game developer scene!


Dennis Rodman & Developmental psychology: Keeping StartUp Finance Under Control

Dennis Rodman & Developmental psychology: Keeping StartUp Finance Under Control

After holding different financial positions in several firms outside of the Ad-Tech industry, I now have the privilege to be a part of an Ad-tech company where I control the startup’s finance.  This shifting was, and still is, a great challenge for me, and it enables me to reflect on the differences and similarities between different work environments.

These are 4 guidelines I’m happy to use and 1 guideline I hate using in order to keep financial processes in line regardless of the role I take.

  1. State the obvious: ToM – ‘Theory of Mind’ is the term child-developmental psychologists use to explain the ability of one to understand that others have different mind than his own. Many times we tend to forget that the person in front of us (whether he/she is a colleague in finance or in other professional areas), is not fully familiar with the topic or concept we use. There is nothing wrong with repeating an idea or information that was already used or seems obvious to you.   Worst case scenario is that your colleagues will think you’re a nag (They probably already do…).  The most likely scenario is that one of your colleagues would be surprised to read the information you just shared and this might generate an action which is what you really intended to do by sharing this “obvious” Information.
  2. Initiate & Take responsibility over general processes in the company – This is especially relevant for the ad-tech Industry where medium size companies are still relatively not too complexed in terms of structure.  Getting involved in more aspects of your company’s day to day projects will expose you to more information regarding what is going on in your business. It might take some precious time of your schedule at the moment, but it will pay off in the future and will add to your understanding of the business as a whole.
  3. There is only room for one Dennis Rodman on the team. Ben Horowitz has discussed this issue over his Blog ( He gave Dennis Rodman (Ex- Chicago Bulls’ problematic player that successfully helped them win Several NBA Championships) as an example of a problematic employee you allow to step out of line once in a while. Well, if you hold a financial position, you can’t be that employee. Finance position is here to support the rest of the team. Try to blend in the business existing practices and make moderate changes along the way. If I may add to what Horowitz discussed from an employee point of view – not only you are not Dennis Rodman (The ‘crazy’ employee), neither are you Michael Jordan (The star) in this Industry :) .
  4. Keep it simple.  A former Executive I used to work with always told me that if I can’t explain something to my own grandma than I don’t understand it well enough. Keeping explanations simple is the best way to ensure people keep in touch with you along the process and are more likely to remember the discussed topic and touch base in the future. I always try to make small tables and summaries available to my colleagues and other work Interfaces. Usually, the Initial table will be used all along the way. I found that the longer mail I write, It will more likely to be ignored (I’ve learnt it the hard way J). Don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty either, a short “digging” in old data or documents clears the conflicts we thought are much more complicated.
  5. Admit when you’re wrong. I hate doing that. But whenever I’m keeping the other guidelines in mind, a mistake is less likely to take place. More importantly, when one admits he is wrong, the other will more likely admit his wrongdoings as well. This will enable us to recognize where we or our partners failed and correct it as fast as we can and by doing that, minimize damages that can occur. When you do it, make it short and to the point. There is no way around it.

*Do you Think You Can recognize the “Dennis Rodman” on your team?

*When was the last time you opened a spread sheet from scratch?

*And when was the last time you were wrong?

Let me know if you have any comments. I’d love to hear them,