Kenny Wu – DIO GM China tells us about ‘Guanxi’

Kenny Wu – DIO GM China tells us about  ‘Guanxi’

Kenny Wu gets personal

  1. Name :Kenny Wu
  2. Age: 30
  3. Job title: GM China
  4. In four sentences give us your journey through mobile and how you arrived at I was in charge of app promotion within Baidu’s Global Department for two years, after which, I moved to APUS where I was responsible for app monetization for overseas-targeted apps.  My career has a central focus within the mobile app industry and I have a genuine passion for all things digital. is an industry leading company, I was so pleased to join the company and I believe we will be very successful both within the China market as well as globally.

5. What are some of the projects you’re currently working on at  I am in charge of daily operations for the China division which include; business growth, HR, Marketing and Key account management. My recent focus is on              the developer side, supporting some of the biggest mobile app businesses in China, as they integrate our SDK.

6. What weird food combinations do you really enjoy? Chinese hotpot with internals – and I encourage anyone and everyone to be adventurous with new tastes.

7. What are the three fundamental trends that set the Chinese market aside from the global App market place?

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile payment (Wechat Pay, Alipay etc.)
  • Ecommerce

8. What is the biggest thing in mobile right now? Artificial Intelligence.

9. In your opinion, who are the three most influential App businesses in the Chinese market, and why?

Baidu – the biggest search engine in China and also the biggest AI and self-driving car company.

Tencent-  Wechat is the biggest social media platform in China. Tencent is also one of the most profitable mobile games company.

Alibaba:  the biggest ecommerce company in China.

10. What gives its competitive edge within the Chinese market?

  • Industry-leading product & technology
  • Exclusive brand demand only available through our SDK
  • Professional services

11. What’s the most important principle you work by? Creating value for company and customers and delivering customer satisfaction.

12. What is unique about Chinese business customs?  ‘Guanxi’, which means personal relationship. Cultivating personal relationships make it a lot easier to reach to new clients and build strong cooperation with existing clients. In                          business, this is held with high regard.

13. What are the barriers to entry for outside businesses wanting to enter the Chinese market?  The barriers to entry vary and vary across cultural and language differences. First and foremost, from a cultural point of view, Chinese                people, by nature are more introverted, and this translates to a different set of rules for discussion, negotiation etc. In addition, Chinese people tend to be more willing to do business with companies who communicate in their local language              – without these elements it is near to impossible to conduct a successful business within this region.

14. What does the future hold for China? CN office is going to keep growing its local teams and business. Supply side business and continuing to onboard major app publishers to our SSP will be a key focus as we aim                to delivery premium brand ads to Chinese developers and continue to drive competitively high ad-monetization through our SDK.

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