Averting the Advertising Identity Crisis

The advertising industry is built on identity. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

The recent shift in consumer privacy expectations has created an identity crisis.

For publishers, the stakes are high. The depreciation of device identifiers and, soon, cookies, represents the single largest reallocation of ad spend since the beginning of the industry.

For publishers, this change creates a massive opportunity. 

Publishers are sitting on a massive heap of privacy-compliant first-party data: Login information, content engagement, and interest data, to name a few. This first-party publisher data is incredibly valuable, yet most publishers aren’t using it.

But, if more publishers could analyze that audience data and algorithmically produce cohorts based on behavioral and contextual demographics, then that data can then be packaged and offered to advertisers for a premium.

We’re providing publishers with the tools and technology to do this themselves. The display.io platform provides publishers with data hooks to capture contextual keywords that can be used to create identity cohorts.

This shift in ad spend allocation puts publishers back in control of their audience value, so long as they can tap into their first-party data and create valuable cohorts for advertiser targeting.

With the upcoming ad spend reallocation, publishers who embrace the power of their first-party data will win. Now is the time to act, there is no other option.

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