Engagement Driven User Acquisition

Glide has grown to become the largest free video messaging app in the market. The app combines the benefits of video calling and text messaging into one unique app.

Success Through Deeper Engagement

display.io worked with Glide to create a campaign that would drive the scale required to feature prominently in the app store. However, this scale would be built on highly engaged users that loved the app enough to share it with their friends.

Identifying Key User Engagements

Together with the client we identified key post install engagements that we concluded were the key measures of campaign success and could be tracked using their attribution platform Appsflyer.

Key Events:

– Install

– Registration

– Phone Number Confirmation

– Send Message

– Share All

After ‘Send Message’, the most important engagement was ‘Share All’ – where the user would voluntarily share the app with friends from their phone book.

This engagement point would be a major indicator regarding the quality of the user and the success of the campaign.

Gaining Massive Virality

Using data from our monetization tools- installed on millions of users devices- we are able to leverage audience segmentation to categorize users into groups based on apps they have installed on their device.

In this way our technology was able to target the most relevant users, generating over 15,000 highly relevant new users daily on Android in the United States from our direct in-app network.

This resulted in the Glide app becoming highly viral due to users engaging the Share All function and ultimately achieving Number 1 status in the Google Play Store.

Campaign Highlights

Confirmation (OTP)

82% on new installs registered and confirmed their phone number.


21% of new users shared the app with an average of 15 friends from their phonebook.

Organic New Users

Glide benefited from an average of over 25,000 organic installs each day.

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