Ranking: High Scale Growth

MobiKwik is now India’s largest independent mobile payments network connecting 25 million users with 50,000 retailers through one app.

Objective to Rank

Mobikwik partnered with display.io in order to achieve number 1 ranking in the Google Play Store, and in the minds of the Indian wallet user.

The challenge for the display.io team was to cut through an already competitive wallet app space and get the mobikwik app into the hands of users at massive scale.

One Platform. One Rate.

Endless Scale.

display.io is programmatically connected to every major reward channel globaly, providing app advertisers with one dynamic platform to distribute and manage every element required for a successful ranking campaign.

Plan For Success

Using our inhouse market BI tools we were able to build a ranking strategy for Mobikwik that included the install volume, velocity, time and post install KPI required to achieve their ranking goal.

The campaign was activated at one rate point and distributed into our programmatic network of direct reward apps.

Post install events were tracked on our platform to optimize supply channels in real time, turning off those that failed to achieve the minimum KPI benchmark, and scaling up those that performed best- ensuring Mobikwik maximized their user acquisition budget.

Success Achieved

Over the course of the campaign our platform optimized down to 25 direct reward channels generating more than 400,000 new users for the mobikwik app in a short space of time. 

The effect on Google Play ranking was equally as impressive- sending the Mobikwik app into Number #1 spot in Google Play India and ensuring Mobikwik acquired huge volumes of high quality organic users.


Leverage display.io market BI tools to understand the volume, velocity and dollar spend required to to achieve your ranking goal.


Our platform provides programmatic access to all major direct reward providers worldwide.


Achieve the volume required, control the market with one rate and allow our platform to optimize toward your ranking goal.

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