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Google Removes Samsung AdBlocker from Play

Google Removes Samsung AdBlocker from Play

Samsung owned company, Rocket Ship Apps, had uploaded Android’s newest adblocker with an open API for 3rd party developers to build in content blocking features for the pre installed Samsung browser.
However, the Play store rejected it within 3 days stating that it violated the T&C’s of the Store.
The issue show’s Google’s reluctance to allow adblocking technology to be introduced into the Android eco-system, but the plot is also further complicated by the fact that Samsung is also Android’s largest partner.
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Apple is Disbanding the iAd Sales Team

Apple is Disbanding the iAd Sales Team

6 years after getting into advertising sales Apple is shuttering its direct sales team. Even after the company spent $275m acquiring Quattro Wireless to provide the tech which iAd is based, the iAd platform always seemed cumbersome and overtly manual in its processes in our internal tests.

This is reflected in the success iAd has had in the marketplace. According to eMarketer Apple had owned less than 6% of the display ad market versus platforms like Facebook (37%) and Google (10%).

It’s by no means the end of Apple in advertising. As both the hardware and software owner they control the ad ecosystem on their platform. As such we expect that they will look to open up thier inventory to more programmatic channels that can handle the ad buys at scale meaning apple doesn’t have to get its hands dirty in the jungle which is direct ad sales.

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My 9 Picks for Key Mobile Ad Trends in 2016

“Change is neither good or bad. Change just is.”  (Don Draper)

Below I’ve distilled my thoughts on what I think is next for the mobile performance marketing industry as we enter 2016.

We work in an industry deep in transition to new processes that focus more on greater efficiencies and improved performance, rather than on paradigm shifting models.

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Despite what the ad sales guy might say, advertising technology doesn’t always need to change the game in order to have a positive impact. I think it will be the mobile platforms and processes that run on a philosophy of audience data and automation that will come to characterize the most successful companies of 2016.


  1. End of Big Data, Rise of the Right Data

The hype around big data will die down as the reality sets in that the signal noise and infrastructure costs outweigh the kudos gleamed from saying the words ‘Big Data’ at industry events.

Mobile ad companies that can put the right accumulated user data to work in unique and more effective ways will be the cornerstone of 2016. This will lead us away from an app industry based on incidental discovery, to one driven by relevant recommendation.


  1. Further automation of key mobile advertising processes.

The mobile performance advertising eco-system is like a series of disconnected pipes- with both supply and demand side still transitioning from a manual based cooperation model. This will significantly change in 2016 as industry evolution forces the majority of companies to embrace automation of key processes as a means to maintain revenue growth.


  1. How the mobile ad is constructed will be dramatically rethought.

Great spotlight has been given to video and native ads through 2015 – and rightly so. These cosmetic improvements in ad format have delivered a much needed improvement in user ad experience. However the method of building the creative remains as manual and labor intensive as it did during the advent of online advertising.

2016 will see the emergence of new methods in creative production. One where the best mobile ad serving companies will discard the human made creative and will instead implement proprietary or 3rd party creative production platforms that provide machine generated creative constructed from raw assets and optimized on the fly.


  1. The ubiquity of Deeplinking will support better mobile advertising.

The dissonance a user experiences between ad tap to landing on the right content in-app will reduce through 2016 as developers finally prioritize the schema of their app during development. The result will provide mobile ad companies the opportunity to sell individual users specific products or services through a creative that will deliver the user directly into that experience– deep inside of an app.


  1. Fraud – Continuation of the billion-dollar problem.

Not the most popular prediction among my industry peers, but I think fraud will continue to dominate the agenda in 2016. Particularly as existing 3rd party solutions only treat some of the symptoms but don’t cure the disease. This is an industry wide problem that requires industry wide transparency and cooperation, which I believe is beyond the limits of what current business models allow for. As such, expect mobile ad fraud to continue to be the elephant in the room through 2016.




Approaching maturity in the Western mobile market will force ad companies to pay more attention to far flung growth markets that are culturally less analogous and economically less developed- presenting new and unfamiliar challenges that require a longer term approach to strategy.


  1. Fresh turbulence in the Indian mobile market.

The halcyon years of 2014 and 2015 are but a distant memory, as many developers need an alphabet soup of rounds to save their business. They’re not all to blame, this conundrum is compounded by the lack of credit card penetration in India, making the Play and App Stores less viable as a business model. Meanwhile, the market (read: bubble) is underwritten by American pension funds that are now focused on viable business models as opposed to number of daily active users.

For the mobile ad industry this means a cool down in budgets during the early part of the new year, credit default and nail biting NET terms.


  1. Complex opportunities in China.

Chinese companies continue to present both opportunities and challenges.

The former is due to the huge developer ecosystem attempting to tap overseas markets. The latter because Chinese culture, company structure and to a lesser extent the emergence of Chinese ad networks with overseas aspirations, may continue to inhibit the majority of Western companies ability to form meaningful developer partnerships without investing significantly in local operations.




As an industry in transition, the mobile advertising industry will continue to provide fertile landscape for M&A activities through 2016.

More broadly, we can also expect further OS level and even state level legislation further demarcating and policing the borders of mobile advertising.


  1. Mobile advertising M&A’s to continue.

Despite a challenging year for adtech stocks, 2015 was characterized by a series of acquisitions including Perion>Undertone, Applift>BidStalk, IronSource>SuperSonic amongst many others. I believe this trend will increase through 2016 particularly as bigger mobile ad companies seek to acquire both mind and marketshare.


  1. Further Industry Regulation.

2015 saw Google clean up its developer eco system while Apple attempt to control advertising on its OS and Safari browser. Even the US Federal Trade Commission chimed in with draft legislation to control what qualifies as a legal native ad- making the IAB something of a lame duck. Expect these state level evaluations to continue as part of a wider global trend toward a more controlled less open Internet.

These are my thoughts on the mobile ad industry as we turn to 2016.

Let me know what you agree and disagree with or if you have other predictions to add to in the comments section below!


Stephen Caffrey, CEO




Mobile Monetization Summit 2015






We had a blast at this year’s Monetization Summit in Tel Aviv. There were some great conference tracks and networking opportunities throughout the day. Thanks to all our partners for the meetings- We are looking forward to coming back for next years event!


Ad Blocking So Pervasive on Mobile

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Google Attempts To Win Back Mobile Browser Traffic

Google launches an app preview feature in the mobile browser by scraping content from developers with a strong mobile website and streaming it to users when they search for an app not already installed on their device.