Conference Season: Postback & ChinaJoy

Conference Season: Postback & ChinaJoy

Wow.. Conference Season is back and what a month July was for conferences!

The team hit a number of shows with the highlight being Postback 2017 and Chinajoy in Shanghai. Below we highlight our experiences at each of these great industry shows.

Postback Conference 2017

In terms of industry get togethers Postback 2017 is probably the most unique event out there right now. It discards the typical booth/ meeting format, instead putting the attendees at the centre of the show. They do this by creating great social activities around a solid speakers format.

The former is what makes the show so special. The format is built to lead to serendipitous meetings while tossing a football on the beach or quaffing an afternoon beer in between the speakers. So while your sales guys aren’t going to have 10 x 30 minute meetings booked a priori, if they have the networking skills they’ll be able to take advantage of a great mix of vendor / spender crowd.

Being a former opera singer before joining Tune, CEO Peter Hamilton was as charismatic as ever and sang his way onto stage in true operatic fashion. However, like most of the attribution platforms these days, the central product iterations revolve around delivering insufficient fraud prevention tools while pandering to the major ad networks like Google.

In fact the highlight of this years speakers session was not industry related but was in fact Seattle Seahawks charismatic coach Pete Carroll who spent his stage time encouraging the crowd to pursue success, offering stories from his career as a Super Bowl winning coach.

Each year Postback delivers a ‘Surprise Artist’ and this year was no different with Lido taking to the stage for an energetic performance in the MoPop hall next to the iconic space needle on the last night of the conference.

All in all Postback 2017 was great conference that allows the attendee’s to let their hair down and have a good time, as well as do some business.

Chinajoy Conference 2017 Chinajoy 2017

Riding the jet lag dragon express to the max (Israel->Seattle->Shanghai) our team touched down in Shanghai in preparation for the more conventional industry staple – Chinajoy 2017. I’ve not met an industry colleague who doesn’t enjoy heading to Shanghai to enjoy the tremendous skyline the city centre offers.

This year the Chinajoy organizers are celebrating their 15th year of a conference which has gotten exponentially bigger in the 5 years from a B2B perspective. That means more show floor space, more booth and potentially more business.

This years booth highlight included an effort from Outfit7 who had a massive Talking Tom castle in the centre of one of the large show halls!


However, the show continues to be a struggle for business goers as its held in the middle of the Shanghai summer where temperatures surged to 37 degrees celsius on show day. Smart casual just isn’t going to cut it at this show…T Shirt and shorts is the only way to combat the heat. You will thank us when you see the hordes of business goers showing up with shirts filled with sweat and a look of exasperation on their faces.

Those Parties!

Each year vendor from across the industry drop big money to compete for the best after hours parties with Vungle, Avazu, Facebook, Google and Mobvista among a clutter of others competing for this title. Our team chose the latter and boarded Mobvista / Adjust party boat to sight see down the bund while quaffing on Champagne!



Over the course of 2 weeks our team covered over 28,000 KM’s, stead in 7 different hotels and met hundreds of folks from our industry to share the goal of – to deliver ad performance and service for our partners.

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