sellers.json provides a mechanism to enable buyers to discover who the entities are that are either direct sellers of or intermediaries in the selling of digital advertising.

A published and accessible sellers.json file allows the identity of the final seller of a bid request to be discovered (assuming that they are ads.txt authorized).  It also allows the identities of all nodes (entities that participated in the bid request) in the SupplyChain object to also be discovered. Currently, it is possible for the final seller to be identified via the and Publisher.domain attributes, but in practice, these properties are inconsistently populated by various selling systems. sellers.json enables smaller bid request object sizes by allowing this information to be looked up and cached “offline” rather than supplied with every bid request. sellers.json also allows the identification of any and all intermediaries that participated in the selling of a bid request.


The SupplyChain object enables buyers to see all parties who are selling or reselling a given bid request. This information can be important to buyers for any number of reasons including transparency of the supply chain, ensuring that all intermediaries are entities that the buyer wants to transact with, and that inventory is purchased as directly as possible. The implementation should be as transparent as possible to buyers. It should enable them to easily understand who it is that is participating in the sale of any piece of inventory.

The SupplyChain object is composed primarily of a set of nodes where each node represents a specific entity that participates in the selling of a bid request. The entire chain of nodes from beginning to end would represent all sellers who were paid for an individual bid request.


Here is a link to sellers.json file:
In order fo your data to be published in sellers.json and to be sent within supply and publisher chain objects, please make sure that you have an account in, created by Account Manager.

In order for the information to be relevant in sellers.json, supply, and publisher chain objects, please make sure that it’s full and correct in your Account Settings on the Publisher Portal. Company name and Domain name are mandatory fields and can be updated through your Account Manager or through the Publisher Portal:


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