SKAdNetwork and IDFA deprecation for iOS

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The full list of network partners IDs for publisher Info.plist is available at

User permission requirements for Apple iOS 14 IDFA collection

Starting with iOS 14.5 publishers are required to ask user’s permission to access their device’s advertising identifier (IDFA). This is important since IDFA will be opted-out by default from iOS 14.5 onward. Apple has built AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework to help publishers manage this transition.

Ecosystem Impact

These changes will impact advertisers’ ability to target audiences, create personalized experiences and measure campaign effectiveness. Performance advertisers will be affected the most – they will also lose visibility into events such as clicks, downloads, registrations, and purchases.

Industry solutions

In order to receive attribution of advertising campaigns and to validate advertiser app installations while maintaining user privacy, Apple designed the SKAdNetwork.
In order to adapt Apple’s SKAdNetwork method for programmatic ad buying the IAB has released the openRTB SKAdNetwork framework technical specification. supports SKAdNetwork framework based on openRTB SKAdNetwork framework.

Example of SKAdNetwork Support Flow:


How should you prepare your app for the coming changes?

1. Upgrade User permission dialog

Publishers should use the opportunity prior to popping the required ATT promt to provide its users with context. Explain what advertisement tracking means and why it’s important to publishers.
Then prepare for the ATT pop up that they will get next: in order to request user authorization to access app-related data, make sure to include the NSUserTrackingUsageDescription key in your app’s Information Property List (info.plist) and customize ATT prompt message (learn more about Apple’s NSUserTrackingUsageDescription here):

 <string>Your Personalized Message here </string>

Best Practice Example:

User_s_permission_-_first_step.png    Allow_the_app....png

2. Support SKAdNetwork

According to the IAB Spec the Publishers’ responsibilities are to:

  1. Add SKAdNetwork IDs of all network partners to the app’s Info.plist file. SKAdNetwork IDs lists can be found in XML and JSON formats.

    (Please ensure all inputs on this file are done using lower case characters and keep it updated with new entries when publishing new app versions to App Store.)

  2. Pass the raw skadnetids, IABTL max and / or exclto SDK on the device at runtime.

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