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We've simplified our advertisers route to success by doubling down on the things they value most.

Programmatic or Managed. Your Choice.

Activate our inventory across major programmatic exchanges and leverage our rich 1st party data to supercharge your performance outcome. Alternatively, state your performance goal and we will manage the campaign success for you. Whatever the need, we give you the flexibility to work on your terms.

Audiences aligned with your brand values.

Tap directly into the lives of mobile users, where app's play the star role in small screen experiences. We’ve curated a deeply engaged audience base of major Android™ and iOS™ publishers built across premium categories aligned with your core brand values. Giving you the platform to put your message into the spotlight of mobile user experience.

Transparent. Viewable. Safe.

We have championed the development of viewability technology for apps, building it into our products and combining it with 100% transparency so that you know where a campaign is running and how it has performed all times. We’ve combined this with an always-on MRC accredited Pre-Bid fraud guard to give you the peace of mind to activate at scale.

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Our Clients Say

Creative agency for brands

"’s SDK has enabled Undertone to diversify our supply offerings, adding in-app supply at scale that is measurable for Viewability"

AoR for Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)

" is a major strategic partner of ours - helping to drive fresh cohorts of engaged purchasing users at scale in our key markets. Their optimization and service delivery are unparalleled."