IAB Open Measurement working group at display.io

IAB Open Measurement working group at display.io

display.io part of the IAB Open Measurement working group

The IAB Technology Laboratory today released its Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK), a set of tools designed to seamlessly facilitate third-party view ability and verification measurement for ads served in mobile app environments—without various measurement provider SDKs and systems previously required. Market adoption of the OM SDK will support scaling in-app measurement, increase confidence and flexibility for buyers, and consolidate fragmented inventory. Major app publishers and ad SDK providers, as well as third-party measurement/verification providers tested the OM SDK in a limited release period that kicked off in October 2017 to ensure that it is fully functional and ready for industry-wide use.

Version 1.0 of the OM SDK includes:

  • Availability on iOS and Android platforms
  • “Begin-to-render” impression measurement
  • Viewability verification, as per the Media Rating Council (MRC) definition
  • Multiple ad types (display, native, native video, HTML video, etc.)
  • Video verification via all versions of the Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST)

Simultaneously, the IAB Tech Lab is launching a voluntary compliance service that validates a company’s OM SDK integration and ensures that the measurement provider tags will work within an organization’s deployment of the OM SDK.

“This release finally brings standardization to the in-app measurement landscape for brands. We look forward to rolling out this update into the display.io ads SDK so that both our brand advertisers and publishers can benefit from enhanced transparency and performance”, said Stephen Caffrey, CEO of display.io

Measurement providers across the ecosystem are already taking the necessary steps to implement the SDK within their distinct protocols. In addition, the IAB Tech Lab has published the “Open Measurement SDK Onboarding Guide for Integration Partners,” which will provide guidance for deployment and use.

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