Interscroller for Mobile Web Is Live!

Publishers, we have some exciting news: Mobile web Interscroller is now live and available to our partners!

Now, you can experience the same great user experience and eCPMs on your mobile web properties along with mobile app.

Interscroller for mobile web on

In addition to great UX and increased revenue, mobile web Interscroller also features:

  • An asynchronous tag, which guarantees independent load of page elements without introducing any latency. This removes the risk of slowing page load times.
  • Support for SafeFrame technology, providing better user protection, publisher control, publisher efficiency and viewability support.
  • Passback Tag support, which helps publishers maximize their fill rate in each placement.
  • Ad unit customization, which makes Interscroller look native on your site
  • Support for reveal and non-reveal modes
  • User Identity Solution support
  • Impression tracking & eCPM notifications

Prepare for Q4 by maximizing your in-app and mobile web revenue – discuss mobile web Interscroller with your account manager or request a demo to see it live.

Let’s get started!

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