Post iOS 14.5 Update: Opt-In Rates, Fill Rates and eCPM Impact

Apple’s rollout of iOS 14.5 in April sent publishers and advertisers alike into a state of heightened concern over the efficacy of in-app advertising without device IDs.

The most common projections for post-IDFA opt-in rates from companies like AppsFlyer and others were between 10-20% ranging up to 60% with the right incentives, meaning just a fraction of iOS traffic would come with IDFA attributes. 

The data from our internal iOS traffic sample set is in line with these predictions:

percent of ad requests with idea opt in

Our internal data also shows the effects on fill rate and eCPM:

fill rates without idfa opt in
cpm without idfa opt in

When comparing side by side, we’re seeing a trend of lower eCPM and fill rates without a device ID:

  • Fill rate decreases by 20x
  • eCPM decreases by 27%

The data is showing us that encouraging more IDFA opt-ins can dramatically increase iOS ad revenue. Here are some steps to take to help get the ball rolling.

It’s not all bad. We’re all learning from each other to find what works best. For example, some publishers implemented similar strategies to what we’re recommending, and they’ve reaped the benefits. 

If you’re seeing a decline in your key metrics post-iOS 14.5, you’re not alone. Encouraging opt-ins and planning for future privacy and regulatory changes are the best next steps to stay in the game.

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