Ad Monetization Products

Experience the difference between conventional and enhanced advertising. Each of our products is specifically designed to help publishers increase mobile revenue and put the ad monetization decision-making power back in their hands.

Publisher Platform

Control your demand sources, ad quality, placements, and pricing in one convenient location. Our Ad Quality Center allows you to review in-app creative.

Ad Quality Center

Review in-app creative, ban low quality ads and prevent ad quality issues from harming the users’ experience, all in one place.

App Interscroller

High impact ad placement designed to serve rich media and video formats. App Interscroller commands the highest possible eCPMs while fitting seamlessly between content in mobile feeds.

Headline Video

Guarantee video completion rates for outstream video - a notoriously low-performance format. Headline Video does this by natively adhering the outstream video to the header of the content feed UI.