Enhanced Ad Quality

Improve ad performance and user
experience in one easy-to-use place.

Improve Ad Performance

Ensure users can interact with ads to produce higher engagement.

Protect User Experience

Prevent black screens and incorrectly sized creative that create user friction.

Banish Bad Ads

Easily locate and remove poor quality and inappropriate ads with a few clicks.

Prevent Quality Issues

identify trends that help you prevent quality issues going forward

Remove Unwanted Ads

Identify and remove low quality or low visibility ads by creative ID, advertiser and other identifying factors to preserve the user experience.

Advanced Filtering and Search

Filter by creative with issues, specific advertisers, time ranges and more to get as specific of a picture as you need to make decisions and improvements.

Review In-App Creative

See screen shots of real creative that was served in your app and get an understanding of how users see ads in different sizes, types and placements.

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