App Interscroller

Break free of low-value banner ads and realize the full revenue potential of your inventory.

Increased Revenue

Generate more revenue for each impression and realize the full potential of your audience.

Better Outcomes

Full screen placements allow for 100% share of voice for brands in a highly engaging format, without obstructing the user experience.

Enhanced Experience

Full-screen vertical video and rich media experiences that activate on scroll put the user in control of their advertising experience.

You’re in Control

Using our simple customization tools publishers can customize the ad experiences they want for their app feed.

Unlock Revenue Potential

Our purpose-built ad units significantly outperform comparable alternatives like banner and medium rectangle to achieve the highest rates possible for your app feed inventory.

Improve In-App Experience

Interscroller puts control of the advertising experience back in the hands of the user and the publisher. The user controls Interscroller while scrolling through the feed for minimal friction.

Access Exclusive Formats

An exclusive new placement redesigning how fullscreen video and rich media ads are delivered into app feeds.

Deliver Only Brand Experiences

Integrate with a monetization solution serving only premium campaigns from major brands your users will recognize and love.

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