Generate Incremental Revenue from Your Digital Shelf Space

Use our exclusive formats to win brand ad dollars and enable product discovery without compromising the shopper experience.

Incremental Revenue

Attract higher CPMs from national brands through enhanced formats. Beautiful creative meets user-first design to create a great shopping experience.

Control Advertising Value

Differentiate your retail media from competitors by offering unique, outcome-driven advertising formats in areas with strong purchase intent.

Drive Product Discovery

Serve contextually relevant ad content from brand partners where shoppers are most likely to purchase, using formats that make clicking 'buy' a no-brainer.

Improve Mobile Experience

Don't sacrifice the mobile shopping experience for the sake of advertising revenue. Provide the offline experience, online.


Package and promote high-value brands in unique ways that fit your brand and customer expectations.


Use formats that provide convenient checkout options, promote discovery of new products and streamline the shopping experience.


Bring offline to online to provide a consistency great, omnichannel user experience.


Attract brand ad budgets and improve advertising performance with exclusive, mobile-centric formats that enable product discovery and increased ad revenue.

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    Reviews has become one of our most valued partnerships, significantly increasing ad revenue.
    Matt Robinson
    Product Manager, Current Media stood out from the competition because of their ability to help us capture net-new ad revenue without compromising the user experience.
    Qi Zhou
    VP of Operations at Castbox helped our Monetization teams make the most of our tier 1 inventory by increasing our brand ad activity and generation stellar performance.
    Maximo Cavazzani
    Founder of Etarmax lightweight brand ad units have shown improvement in our users ad engagement and generated significantly more ad revenue versus other vendors we have tried.
    Amanda Wang
    Head of Monetization at Apus

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