Unmasking the Conventional In-App Advertising Problem

Nearly 90% of time spent on mobile is spent inside apps. (eMarketer).

It’s not just social apps or games anymore.

We’re using mobile apps to access all the things we find most important in our lives. From the latest news and entertainment to finance and health. You name it, we’re using an app for it. 

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Do you remember people used to say ‘There is an app for that’? It reflects this idea that there’s an app for everything, but nobody is really using them. Now we’re in a place where everyone can say ‘this is the app I use for that’.

So what browsing was to the web, consuming has become to mobile apps. 

And for ad-funded content publishers this movement is establishing powerful intentional relationships between them and their audience.

Still, there is no doubt that for many of these same publishers winning is getting harder

More than ever, publishers must grow the platforms where they have direct relationships with their audiences and ask the question: 

“What should we be doing to unlock new incremental revenue from these intentional relationships?” 

Equally, if advertising is to put its hand up and provide an answer, then there needs to be an industry shift in focus, from optimizing conventional advertising for an extra cent or two on the dollar to asking if there’s something more fundamental that can be done to improve things. 

Because if we’re not challenging the way things are now, how will they get better in the future, for both advertisers and publishers?

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