User Right Form Ltd. values the privacy rights of its customers, partners, suppliers, vendors and others. As required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and/or the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), European Union residents, and/or California residents, as applicable, are permitted to make certain requests regarding our processing of personal data. In order to submit a data subject request pursuant to the GDPR or CCPA, please complete this form. 

Upon receipt of your completed request, we will process it and respond within the timelines required by the applicable law. If additional information is necessary, we will contact you using the contact information you provided in this form. 

Please be noted that a request you submit according to the applicable regulation will be validated and verified by us prior to exercising such a request, therefore you will be requested to submit certain information that we do not necessarily process on a regular basis, to allow us to verify your request.

Information provided in connection with this request will be processed only for the purpose of processing and responding to your request and will be deleted immediately thereafter. For more information please review our Privacy Policy.
Notice to End Users:

Please be aware: In most cases, operates as Data Processor (as defined under the GDPR), or Service Provider (as defined under the CCPA) therefore, it is likely that if you are an App end user, we do not have any ability to associate your request with a user in our system. In such case we recommend you to take one or all of the following actions:

  1. Submit a similar request directly to the App you use and in which you encounter our services; or
  2. Provide us with your Advertising ID number or just reset it on your mobile device. Whether you are using Android or iOS, you can find this number under the Setting definitions of your mobile, under Ads. Alternatively, you can use a third-party application that generates this ID for you; or
  3. Use any of our suggested opt-out or Advertising ID reset options provided in our privacy policy, under the “Choices and Opt-out” section.

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