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Data Powered User Acquisiton

Our platform categorizes millions of user data points into Persona profiles. These Persona’s include behavioural traits like Casual Gamer, News Reader, Hotel Booker and are used to build deeper campaign targeting for your ad spend.

When your campaign is live our platform uses your first party user event data to run automated optimization on the campaigns, ensuring our new users behave like your best users.

This means you get highly engaged users and increased sales volumes for your ad spend.

Meaningful ReEngagement

Our re-engagement platform serves your users with personalized recommendations, deeplinked to create a seamless user experience proven to generate higher purchase volumes inside your app.

There is no integration and no SDK- our system sits right on top of your existing attribution platform.

By securely sharing user events and live product inventory, our platform will learn the behaviour behavioural patterns of your users, predict purchase habits and re-engage your users with the most relevant products and promotions, sending them from inside their favourite apps directly to a specific product our place inside your app.

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Platform  Partnerships

We’ve built long term partnerships with the highest quality platform service providers in the industry.

These companies ensure that the advertising solutions we provide to our clients are cutting edge, robust and highly scalable.

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